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Here at Home Emergency Compare we strive to find you the best deals in boiler, central heating and home emergency cover - for both domestic customers and landlords.

We only source the best suppliers who offer 24/7 cover, 365 days a year and a repair work guarantee. Find cover from leading suppliers, such as The AA, Insurance Choice, N Power, CPP, British Gas, HomeServe and more.

Why buy home emergency cover?

Home emergencies can happen at anytime and are very rarely part of a standard home insurance policy. Covering a home emergency without insurance cover can be very expensive and hugely inconvenient. Who to call at short notice? How long will they be? How much will they charge?

Home emergency cover offers protection against risks such as: roofing damage, plumbing and drainage problems, security issues, pest infestation, inadequacies in gas/water supply, electrical wiring and more. Some home emergency insurance policies even come with an annual boiler service - however, make sure you check with the home emergency supplier.

Boiler service as well?

Our unique comparison allows you to look for boiler service products individually if you don't want to pay the price for an encompassing, all-in-one package. Boiler service products include a full strip down of the boiler, including gas and flue analysis - this is essential to ensure its ongoing operational effectiveness.

Landlords emergency cover and CP12 checks

We also offer a comprehensive comparison for landlord home emergency policies as well. These are the same as standard home emergency policies but are targeted at giving the landlord and the tenant someone to call in the event of an emergency.

In line with the Gas Safety Regulations, landlords will also have to ensure they carry out the mandatory CP12 checks. We also provide a list of companies who offer this, as well as specialist central heating and boiler cover for landlords.

How do policies differ?

Home emergency, boiler and central heating products are often very similar, the areas in which they differ are: number of call-outs; the excess; and amount of cover offered for parts, labour and VAT.

We only source suppliers who are at the upper end of this spectrum and offer generous cover levels. However, this will largely depend upon your own unique circumstances and what you believe you need. Our home emergency suppliers generally range from 3 call-outs a year to unlimited - we state this on our comparison.

Excess, if there is one, is usually around 50 per call-out. Again, many home emergency providers don't have a call-out fee but this is always worth checking.

Amount of cover can range from a minimum of 1000 per policy to unlimited. How much you need depends upon your own personal requirements

When to buy?

Home emergencies can happen all year long, but usually our homes are more vulnerable during the cold winter months, especially our pipes, radiators, boilers and drains. Other issues are all-year-long such as potential security problems or roofing damage. Pest infestation clearly being more of a summer phenomenon.

However, buy today and have peace of mind that you have a skilled, reliable tradesman available at your call in the event of a home emergency!

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